I’m also an MD and an author.

I offer practical, no-nonsense insights into the many facets and challenges of running and growing a small business.

Audiences large and small walk away with a head-full of tools and ideas that will help them along the road to success.


Authentic, engaging and helpful

I believe in speaking plainly and simply in a way EVERYONE in the room will understand and identify with.

Just what business owners want to hear – jargon-free practical advice on systems and processes to drive growth and bring success.

Every attendee will discover something they can use to improve their business.

If you’d like a room full of engaged appreciative people, call me today and let’s talk.

Sharing knowledge

My keynote talk is about the four pillars of growing a business: set-up, marketing, sales, customer service. I can also advise on many other aspects. Find out more >

Getting down to business…

and building steady and sustainable growth and success. I help small business do this everyday. Find out more >

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